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Jutta B

Faith Dance Art

healed, liberated and inspired by God


There was lots of creativity in my youth ...
and then it went away ....
or so I thought ....

It was buried by the technical drawing skills that I learned during the second half of high school. I grieved about the lack of artistic possibilities during this time. I was even blind for all the creativity that did happen. My main creative outlet was photography but I did not know that it was the artist in me, trying to survive. Only 15 years ago I started painting, and slowly my artist came back to life. During the same period God worked a lot of inner healing in my life. It all came to a climax when I realized that I am no longer the disciplined, organized, technical person that I used to be. The artist in me emerged and demanded to be given its rightful place. The healed self was ready to embrace my true calling as an artist. So, here I am!

I am Austrian, born in Vienna, cosmopolitan who lived in more countries than I care to remember. For some time my tagline was I live in three continents but do not have a home in either one. After working for 20 years in Africa, it became too much. This was the moment my artist had been waiting for. And it was the moment God had been working towards, through healing and liberating me, little by little.

During these years when my inner artist was buried, I studied and/or worked in the area of plastic engineering, church work, conference logistics, linguistics, and cultural anthropology.

My main interests include understanding other people and cultures, beauty of nature, sunsets, clouds, birds; my different expressions of art include painting, drawing, photography and of course dance, including worship dance; being a believer, following the Messiah, living in God's presence and glorifying God through my life and art are central to me. Based on my own experience, I also have a passion for helping other people find healing and liberation through Immanuel (meaning God with us) and developing their gifts to glorify God.

P.S. In case you are wondering - my real name is usually mispronounced in the English speaking context, to the point that I no longer recognize it. That's why I prefer to use my artist name Faith-Dance, referring to two important areas of my life. My real name is pronounce [YOU-ta] as in Utah.


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